Tips Parents Must Use To Monitor Children Online Activities

internet securityThe use of social networking sites is on the rise. Even children gain access to these websites, but it is important to take note that there should be a restricted access for children. The internet is not regulated. Children might see stuff they should not see, which is why parents need to supervise children online activities. Social media is popular today. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have users that are kids. There are dangers of accessing these websites. For example, cyber-bullying has also become more extensive than ever before.

Parents have to prepare kids for the online world, the same with preparing them to the real world. As parents, we must be held responsible as to how we have to support our children in every way. That said, there are tips parents must use to monitor the online activities of their kids. These tips must be kept in mind to ensure the safety of their children, and if they are really getting the best online educational activities for children.


Ways To Help Children Become Responsible When Using The Internet


no facebook below 13No access to Facebook for children age 13 below – Facebook has the rule not to let children under 13 years old to access the website. Nevertheless, it is only for formality. People of any age can access Facebook any time of the day. They can create a false account just for them to access this site. The year of birth can be altered while creating an account, so really, it is not a problem. As a parent, if you really care for your child, then do not permit him/her to access Facebook until 13.

Use software to filter the websites your child might access – There are software programs that parents can buy to monitor the use of the internet of their children. There are programs that even help parents to view the exact keywords children use. Generally, the computer activity of a child can be monitored using one of the programs available today. Even the mobile phone of your child can be monitored to make sure that he is safe at all times.

Checking the privacy settings – Another thing to do is to check the privacy settings of the internet. Make sure that they are set to the most secured level. You can adjust the security settings when using the internet depending on the browser you are using. This not only helps the user, but it can also get rid of any potential viruses from ever getting into your computer. Adjust the privacy settings according to the children activities ideas.

Check your child’s habits – It is important for you to get a hold of your child’s internet activity. Make sure that you know who he/she speaking with online, and all his/her online friends. You must have the total control and access to all his/her Facebook friends.

Create rules for children – There are ground rules that need to be set to avoid any problems. If your child is old enough to access the computer, then he/she also knows the rules that should be followed. There must be a consequence if any rules are broken.

Keep the computer where everyone can see it – It is so much easier to keep track of the online activities of your children if they are accessing the computer where you can see it. Placing the computer in the living room or in the kitchen will help you keep track of your children’s online activities, instead of giving them the freedom to access it in their rooms.

Become the role model of how social media should be accessed and used – Become the role model that your child needs. Do not get too itchy to post updates or check your phone in between red lights. This is bad for your children. You are almost setting a poor habit of using social media, and it may lead for your child to likewise do it. Always make sure to set a good example and demonstrate the proper use of social media.

How Essential It Is To Set An Example For Children When Using The Internet?
The tips mentioned here are not directed only for children. They can also be an example as to how everyone should use the internet in the proper manner. The internet is a huge avenue for all types of dealings, which is why the children online activities can always be safe.

Should You Buy A Playstation 4? Why? Why Not?

Playstation 4We all know that Sony has raked great amount of fortunes due to the overwhelming success of the Playstation line. From the first ever Playstation that was released in the early 90s, to these days’ Playstation 4, Sony has gone through phenomenal success. With the unveiling of the latest Playstation 4, we could not deny that it is a great hit for the people. Sony has already tested the waters. They know that PS4 will become a remarkable hit to fans. If you purchase one for yourself, then you won’t have any problems finding a community of PS4 players. PS4 is for a variety of gamers. It is not solely for gamers who are into shooting, RPG or fighting. PS4 also offers child-friendly games to help educate them.


However, the question still remains, should I get a PS4 now? Well, technically, if you are a hardcore gamer, and a fan of the console, then you have to consider PS4. It is out in the market now, which is why you will never have any troubles finding it. PS4 is a next-generation console, meaning that it has the cutting-edge technology in terms of games. A lot of game makers today ensure that people will be shocked and awed, not to mention stunned, when they play these astronomical games. The games on PS4 will let you explore and discover new sources of fun and entertainment, which gives you fulfillment.

The Wow Factors Of PS4 And Why It Is Popular


Well, one thing about PS4 is its capacity to let people play amazing games with great resolution. For most people, graphics matter. And by that definition, graphics are what makes the gaming world go round. I’m not a big fan of graphics though. As long as I can play the game even if the graphics are not set in the ultra settings, I’m cool with it. But this is not always the case. Then there is the PC. A lot of people take time to build a gaming PC to suit their needs. The good thing about PC is that we can upgrade each part if we wanted to play a game with high levels of specifications. It’s like we can adapt to the requirements of a certain game on PC.

pc gaming

On the other hand, we could only do so much when it comes to PlayStation 4 specs. The built-in system is more than enough to play games with ridiculous levels of specification. Today, PS4 can rival the best gaming PCs. If given the opportunity, it is a must to consider PS4 if you do not have the time to upgrade your PC and convert it into a next-gen gaming system. Likewise, there are games available exclusively for PS4. So, if you want these games to be played, then you have to get your very own PS4 system. I ‘m not a fan of exclusive game releases, or at least my favorite games do not align with exclusive releases. If given a chance to own a PS4, I would love it, but so far, my PC is giving me more than what I need.

If You Have The Money To Spend, Purchase A PS4

If you have the money, then you can buy a PS4. The PlayStation 4 price is quite reasonable. This is the best today. In fact, this is the only gaming console that matters. PS4 currently retails for $400, but it depends on your location. You might want to visit your local computer shop to know the latest price of PS4. Again, my PC is enough for me to enjoy great games. But, if the opportunity presents itself, or should I say money, then I will purchase a console for myself. I’m a fan of Playstation ever since I was a kid, and I think it is enough reason to pick a PS4.

PS4 is a great tool for entertainment. If you are unsure of picking one for you or your children, do not bother. You will never go wrong if you invest in getting all the PlayStation 4 features, believe me. It is truly worth it, and if you have the money to purchase your own set of PS4, go ahead. The money you will spend when purchasing PS4 is all worth it.

What Are The Spectacular Street Photography Tips Everyone Must Try

street photographyStreet photography is one of the best ways to help enhance your camera experience. It gives you the best insight on how to use your camera under different circumstances. I tried street photography, and I have to tell you that at first, it was awkward. I didn’t know the things I need to photograph. Plus, I was a bit shy capturing photos of someone or a group of people. I told myself like it was an invasion of privacy. But mind you, it is a public place. Street photography tips offer a lot of room to grow when it comes to becoming a good photographer.

Just get your gear out and shoot! And by shoot, you do not have to be trigger-happy about it. Know the right time to shoot and the best place to capture images. Plus, you can experiment and make your own way of photographing any event happening around you. Also, you don’t need to travel remote places just to have a good photograph at all times. Sometimes, the best images can be captured where you are. You just have to be patient, and you need to find these stunning scenes.

Here are some of the tips about street photography that you must try, especially if you are getting started. Frankly, I’m not a fan of street photography. I, too, need to consider these street photography techniques to further my knowledge about photography and become an all-around photographer.

What You Have To Consider About Street Photography?

Most of the times, candid shots pack the best emotions. You never know when you will get a nice, decent shot, until you realize that the images you have taken candidly are the ones that stand out. There are several ways to shoot candid images in the street. You will need the appropriate lenses for these. If you are not comfortable about approaching your subject, use a telephoto zoom lens. The advantage of this lens is that you can shoot from a distance without ever letting them notice you. Aside from the fact that it will make you feel comfortable, you can likewise get more candid shots. Your subjects don’t know that you are photographing them, so you can capture their natural behavior.

On the other hand, you can opt for a wide lens, and for this, you might want to approach your subject much closer. Although this may not provide candid shots that you can get from a telephoto lens, it can help you have a more intimate feel for the person you are photographing. If you want to try shooting from a distance, a 70-300mm telephoto lens is handy. However, if you wish to approach your subject and get a little closer, you can stick with your kit lens (18-55mm or 18-105mm). Or, if you want to get the best of both worlds without swapping lenses, you can use 18-300mm lens.

If your place has a lot of wall covered with graffiti or signs, then it can be captured as a good photo. Sometimes, you do not need a person in your photo for it to stand out. You might want to consider a good prime lens for this. I prefer 35mm lens for street photography because it offers not-too-tight shots. A 50mm lens can also be used, but you cannot use it especially in tight spots. Another thing you have to decide on is whether you will include the background on your picture or not. For this, you can select a smaller aperture if you wish to make the background sharper. Or, set a larger aperture to blur the background.

Get up close and personal. When I say getting up close and personal, I mean it, literally. The streets are a place for many exciting things. All you have to do is to keep your eyes open. However, you might want to shoot “macro” images. This gives you a whole new idea of finding potential subjects that will stand out. It is truly worth it to spend some time about your perspective, and step out of your comfort zone. Sometimes, having a different perspective when you are shooting gives you fresh ideas, and you can appreciate the small things around you. This is one of the best street photography tips and techniques everyone should know.

Get The Most Out Of Street Photography

These tips will surely enable you to become an all-around photographer. Street photography is fun, but make sure to photograph anything without crossing the line. Not all people want to be photographed publicly. If someone approaches you and ask you to delete a picture of him/her, then you have to do it. This is to avoid any problems. Right now, you have to go out there and start street photography! It’s a great feeling and it can add up to your overall experience, especially if you will view it as an actual street photography tips tutorial.